Jacob Hudson


New album Great Lakes out October, 2022


Jacob Hudson is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and recording his personal music for over a decade. Constantly evolving his sound to best represent his internal perspective of the world, Jacob's discography creates a timeline for listeners while remaining timeless.
His genre can be classified as melodramatic, cinematic folk. His writing/production style leads to many songs having storytelling environments with instrumentals that utilize unique and subtle instrumentation to create an auditory landscape for listeners to envelop themselves in.
His stage presence creates an intimate listening environment during the performance with mild comic relief between songs in an effort to create a well-balanced evening for those in attendance at his shows.

Born in the oldest city in America, Jacob Hudson didn’t grow up in a musical household, but has had the support of his family since he was a kid. Teenage heartbreak would be the catalyst for him to begin writing songs to express himself. He asked his brother for a couple of hundred dollars to buy some recording equipment and would begin his journey with no knowledge of recording at all. Using his closet as a makeshift studio, he would go on to track and release his first EP, Sailors at Sea.

With the experience he gained from this project and the lessons learned from playing shows all around the Southeast US, he would pursue a career as a musician and producer. He would write and record two more EPs, The Tomb and It All Repeats. His newest project, Great Lakes, features the culmination of years of producing for other artists and reflecting on his life thus far.

Sonically, his songs range from gentle to cinematic and precise to unexpected. The lyrics can be broad and archetypal at times, but also specific and intimate. His love of writing, recording, and producing permeates through his music and gives the listener a sense of warm sincerity.